UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital Foundation (LPHF) is on a quest to express our gratitude to a young philanthropist named Charli who recently made a significant contribution to support cancer care in Longmont.

The cash donation, cookies and a handwritten (in orange crayon) note was delivered to Longs Peak Hospital. The letter reads, “We decided to raise money for cancer because it is good to spread awareness. I hope this 102 dollars for cancer will help you and these cookies. From: Charli.”

Ryan Rohman, president of Longs Peak Hospital and Broomfield Hospital holds Charli’s note

LPHF would like to properly extend our heartfelt appreciation and acknowledge this act of kindness. Despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to locate Charli.

“We are immensely grateful for this contribution and are eager to express our gratitude to Charli,” said Rohman. “This commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer is truly inspiring. Gifts like these exemplify the spirit of compassion that exists within our community.”

The donation will support Longs Peak Hospital Cancer Patient and Family Assistance fund. When a patient is navigating the twists and turns of their cancer journey, these funds can offer a helping hand in their time of need.

UPDATE: Thanks to your help, we were able to find Charli! More information coming soon. In the meantime, we invite you to consider matching Charli and friends’ $102 donation to support our Cancer Patient and Family Assistance fund. Get started with your donation at the link below.