Kindness streak benefits UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital Foundation fund that supports patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Three young girls learned about the power of kindness on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

It all started with a heartwarming delivery. Two weeks ago, the girls surprised UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital with a $102 donation, a plate of cookies and a sweet note written in crayon asking that the donation go toward helping cancer patients.

Touched by this wonderful act of kindness, staff at the hospital set out on a mission to find the sweet donor by posting notes on social media and reaching out to local news media asking for the public’s help finding the donor so they could be thanked for the contribution.

As it turned out, there were three amazing young people behind this special delivery. Charli Kantaris, Avriana Cantu and Emma Copeland, were just looking for something to do and decided to organize a cookie sale to raise money to support people who are fighting cancer.

They had a little help from parents getting the groceries, but other than that, they did all the work themselves from baking the sugar cookies to setting up the stand on the corner of their cul de sac. They even spread the word through a post on a Firestone neighborhood Facebook page and neighbors responded in a big way.

Emma, Charli, and Avriana with their check donations.

The girls were the guests of honor Wednesday afternoon at a small gratitude gathering where hospital officials had a special surprise for them.

And this is where the lesson on the power of kindness comes in.

Others who heard about this sweet trio’s act of kindness were so inspired that they made donations in the girls’ honor as well. As of Wednesday afternoon, more donations had come in. So, their $102 donation multiplied – almost 30-fold – to $2,825.

“The story about these girls is a reminder to all of us that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a ripple effect,” said Ryan Rohman, president of Longs Peak Hospital and Broomfield Hospital.

“What I learned is you can do one small deed and won’t expect it to go far, but you can end up raising a lot of money because of it,” Avriana said.

The girls react to seeing how their donation has multiplied.
A check displaying the $102 donation, signed by the girls.

All of the donations will support the Longs Peak Hospital Foundation’s Cancer Patient and Family Assistance Fund. When a patient is navigating the twists and turns of their cancer journey, these funds can offer a helping hand in their time of need.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the kindness streak by matching Charli, Avriana and Emma’s gift is encouraged to donate at the link below.