Longs Peak Hospital Cancer Patient & Family Assistance Fund

Over the past year, cancer care services at Longs Peak Hospital have experienced rapid growth in response to our community’s health care needs. Through the unique collaboration and partnership of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers – Longmont, the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and UCHealth, we’ve been able to expand services in the areas of radiation oncology, medical oncology & infusion services, surgical oncology, and all the complementary pre and post care interventions.

One of our guiding principles is to support our patients and their families by eliminating barriers to care that come to exist beyond the already challenging hardships of the cancer journey. Financial distress is not uncommon and can limit a patient’s ability to continue treatment, leading to poor patient outcomes.

Laura’s caregiver and sister, Regina, recently shared about the year-long battle for recovery that she and her sister have been going through since Laura’s cancer diagnosis in October 2022. Regina is Laura’s primary transportation provider while maintaining her full-time job. Laura was referred to Cancer Services at Longs Peak Medical Center, where she met with the Radiation Oncologist and Nurse Navigator.

“We both received hope once again that Laura was going to be able to get back to living her life.” Within Longs Peak Medical Center, she was referred to the Oncology Social Worker. Their meetings included a financial screening for the UCHealth Foundation’s Cancer Patient and Family Assistance fund. Regina said about Laura’s financial distress, “For the first time in a year and a half, we do not feel as alone. The Foundation funding towards paying off a large medical bill and assistance with utilities was something I didn’t think was possible we were going to receive. I would be happy if someone gave me a $20 bill because of how much that alone would help.” With the help Regina and Laura received, they wanted the community to know, “Last year was the hardest year of our lives, and I hope sharing Laura and my story can help others get access to funding like we did for cancer-related costs.”

In the past year, through YOUR generosity, over 30 patients and families benefited from the UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital Foundation Cancer Patient and Family Assistance Fund. Your donation to this fund allows our cancer care team the ability to support patients with costs of daily living expenses, including:

  • Rent/mortgage assistance
  • Utilities support
  • Transportation costs

And medical co-pays

UCHealth continues to remain committed in our efforts to keep cancer care services closer to home. This, in addition to your support, allows our patients to focus on their cancer treatment and worry a little less about the day-to-day expenses.

Over this next year, Longs Peak Hospital Foundation aims to raise $50,000 to assist cancer patients. We respectfully encourage you to contribute today.

We are grateful for your consideration of support. Please make your gift today online:


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With gratitude,

Ryan Rohman, President
Longs Peak Hospital and Broomfield Hospital