We are grateful for the community’s many meal donations to our health care heroes during the pandemic. With the reactivation of additional services at our hospitals, we are tapering off these donations, ending them on May 15. In lieu of food donations, there are many ways you can help continue the fight against COVID-19:

►If you would like to help in a way that will enable UCHealth to respond quickly and address varied challenges, now and in the future, please consider donating to our COVID-19 Relief Funds:

  • The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund helps our health care workers with resources to fight COVID-19, from equipment and technology to meals and special support for those on the front lines of the crisis.
  • The Health Care Worker Emergency Relief Fund helps health care workers who need assistance with expenses and hardships related to COVID-19. These employees are facing the same uncertainties and lifestyle disruptions as all of us—while working tirelessly to support the community’s health.

►If you would like to talk to someone to explore other opportunities for you to help, please contact Ashley Kasprzak.

Foundation staff can also assist anyone who has questions about the tax-deductibility of their gift.