Thoughtful sundries bring comfort to patients

Aug 6, 2020

The comfort cart at Longs Peak Hospital is funded by individual donors who support Longs Peak Hospital Foundation’s Patient Assistance Fund. The items on the cart are available for staff members to offer for alternative pain management and comfort for our patients. Some patients are grateful to receive a neck pillow while others are thrilled to have adult coloring pages. Additional items include playing cards, sleep masks, ear plugs, eye glass cleaner, hair ties and more.

“Our volunteers round with the comfort cart to greet patients, chat and ask if they need anything,” said Julie Adams, manager of the hospital’s volunteer program. “During this time of the pandemic, we have taken extra safety precautions. We are unable to take the comfort cart into each room. Fortunately, our nurses and other staff members really value these extra-special touches for our patients, and they frequently access items in the comfort cart.”

“Beyond the comfort cart, our care management team has a supply of clean clothes for patients who need a change of shirt, pants or undergarments. Sometimes patients have experienced a trauma and their clothes were ruined. I am so pleased that we can meet those patients’ comfort needs, too,” Adams said.

Through the generosity of our donors, this cart and its thoughtful contents bring extra TLC to people experiencing a hospital stay.

Items available from the comfort cart.