Our employees give to support our mission

Aug 6, 2020

At UCHealth, the culture of philanthropy is strong. Employees donate generously via our employee giving program to support our mission to deliver world-class health care. They also support each other through gifts to employee hardship relief and scholarship funds.

Employees of Longs Peak Hospital and its affiliated clinics donated more than $97,000 over the past 12 months to support numerous causes, such as women and children’s care, intensive care, patient assistance, nursing scholarships, employee scholarships and more.

Phil Wynn, emergency preparedness program manager for Longs Peak Hospital Support Operations, gave to our women’s and pediatric care fund.

“I have had the opportunity to be the beneficiary of many contributions, support and various other organizational assistance programs, so I truly understand the impact these services can have on a family in need,” Phil said. “I will never hesitate to improve the lives of the employees we work with and those in the community we work for. Ensuring the success and well-being of those around me fosters a strong team mentality and healthy community.

“I chose to donate to the women and children’s fund because I know how important it is to get a good start in life. Helping to ensure families receive the quality care they need, especially children, is the least I can do.

“I know there is a great impact when my contributions are combined with the contributions of others. And I know that without those gifts, we wouldn’t be able to support our patients or each other in the same way.”

You already knew that health care heroes work here. Now you know our employees go above and beyond their work by giving to support health causes they are passionate about.

Phil Wynn