Donor generosity helps address unmet needs

Oct 14, 2020

At Longs Peak Hospital Foundation, our mission is to develop and steward philanthropic resources to improve lives. The Longs Peak Hospital lymphedema clinic, opened through the power of philanthropy, continues to exemplify how donor generosity helps bridge gaps and add value for patients.

Marilyn Warnholtz receives regular lymphedema therapy at the clinic.

“Thank you, UCHealth, for making a true commitment to helping people with the everyday issues of lymphedema—the disease that is rarely diagnosed, rarely taken seriously, and thus rarely treated.”

Lymphedema is a sometimes debilitating swelling that can occur in the limbs, chest wall, abdomen and pubic area and is most commonly caused by damage to lymph nodes as part of cancer treatment. Although there is no cure for lymphedema, the specialized therapy available at a lymphedema clinic can help alleviate its symptoms.

Lauren Brown, a certified lymphedema therapist, opened the Longs Peak Hospital (LPH) lymphedema clinic in May 2019, with help and championing from Stephanie Dunn, manager of rehab services at the hospital. Lauren’s journey to open the clinic was made possible through scholarships from the foundation that enabled her to obtain advanced certification in lymphedema therapy.

“Lauren is a miracle worker,” Marilyn said. “She is professional, knowledgeable, caring, uplifting and compassionate. She maintains her clients’ dignity and constantly keeps up-to-date on the most current treatment options. Lauren is an expert at listening to her patients and taking the time to make positive suggestions.”

Donor generosity helped to launch the clinic and is also at work in helping patients in need access its services. Our Patient Assistance Fund has helped some of our community’s most vulnerable members access lymphedema care.

Recently assistance funds helped a patient who lacked transportation to the clinic. This patient had so much lymphatic fluid in one of her legs that walking from the parking lot into the clinic was difficult. She received funds to pay for transportation, which enabled her to arrive on time and access care on the weekends.

The assistance funds have also been used to purchase lymphedema compression garments for patients in need. The custom-made sleeves decrease risk for infection and improve mobility.

One patient who received a compression garment as part of his treatment plan experienced life-changing improvement. The reduced lymphatic fluid in his limbs means he can once again wear standard pants and shoes, helping him regain mobility and independence.

Thank you to our donors for supporting efforts like these that improve health in our community.

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