Thanks to donors who support the patient assistance fund, Longs Peak Hospital Foundation has helped 70 patients who faced exceptional financial hardship while receiving care at Longs Peak Hospital. The patient assistance fund has provided:

  • New prescription glasses for two trauma patients.
  • Temporary lodging for two patients with high needs.
  • Hotel stays for four families.
  • Transportation for five families.
  • Medical equipment for four families.
  • Prescription drug payment assistance for five patients.
  • Newborn clothing for five families.
  • Portable crib and swaddling blankets for a drug-addicted baby.
  • Clothing for more than 40 patients so they could go home with dignity.

The following example especially shows the life-changing impact of patient assistance funding.

Patient assistance funds helped mom of twinsJenika Khalsa expresses deep gratitude for the help of a care assistant who watched her twins, thanks to funds provided through generous donors to the foundation. As a single mom with a seven-year-old, she could foresee the challenge of parenting three children on her own. What she couldn’t have expected was that during delivery of her twins, doctors would discover that she had a cardiac concern. Jenika needed specialized care at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital and was separated from her twins for three weeks.

Once home, Jenika was relieved to be back with her children. At the same time, she was exhausted. Longs Peak Hospital social worker Kathi DiBattisto recognized a need. Through the foundation’s patient assistance fund, Kathi arranged for 36 hours of home care visits. “I couldn’t imagine getting through that time without the extra help,” Jenika says. Now, her health is stable, and she is grateful to have Dr. Lisa Turner as the babies’ pediatrician and Dr. John Stathis as her cardiologist.