Growing up, I was taught that giving to others is something you just do. For communities to be successful, I learned, we must think of others less fortunate. It’s part of being a good citizen. I was taught that philanthropy is as fundamental as always telling the truth, brushing your teeth and staying away from jokes that might be questionable.

How “giving” is defined is up to each individual, but it’s essential, for such giving makes us human. It ensures that our communities remain places in which we wish to raise our families.

For years, I’ve given to my community in many ways. I’ve devoted time and money to causes I feel are worthwhile and deserve support. Over time, my interests have changed. My interests depend upon where I am in life, but my interest in giving to my community has only grown.

I now know, more than ever, that organizations working to better peoples’ lives are critical to our collective human accomplishment. That is why I serve on the board of directors for Longs Peak Hospital Foundation. This position enables me to focus my time, talent and monetary resources on an area that touches all areas of life: community health care.

The foundation supports people just starting their life journey, people ending their journey, and everyone in between in our community. Scholarships provided to hospital staff ensure that the care offered at Longs Peak Hospital remains on the leading edge, and that those who have a passion for caring for others have a way to continue, even when life gets challenging. Other assistance is provided when needed and often makes quality of life outside of the hospital possible. The Healthy Hearts program helps our youth, as well as their families, before health concerns become a life-long issue.

Donors who give to the foundation are providing for the future of the Longmont area. By giving to the foundation, you provide a legacy of commitment and pride for your family. By giving to the foundation, you show that you are human.

As the Longs Peak Hospital Foundation begins its third year, I am encouraged by the stories we hear concerning how community support is leveraged each and every day to help people in need.

Our community is a giving community. This hasn’t changed over time. As our community grows, we simply open our arms wider to encompass those working diligently to meet the needs of others. I’m encouraged by the growing awareness and support of the Longs Peak Foundation. I’m honored to be a part of this group, and I look forward to building upon our success in the future.