UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital Foundation recently received a significant contribution from three, local philanthropists to support cancer care in Longmont. Charli, Avri and Emma (9) delivered a $102 donation, cookies and a handwritten note (in orange crayon). The letter reads, “We decided to raise money for cancer because it is good to spread awareness. I hope this 102 dollars for cancer will help you and these cookies. From: Charli.”

We invite you to match Charli and friends’ $102 donation to support our Cancer Patient and Family Assistance fund. When a patient is navigating the twists and turns of their cancer journey, these funds can offer a helping hand in their time of need. 

All gifts to Longs Peak Hospital Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult with your tax advisor for information regarding your tax deduction. Thank you for helping to make the Longmont area a healthy place to live!